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We have amazing suggestions for the prosperity of your business. Comprehensive solutions to support Iranian businesses and proper introduction of businesses in the virtual space.

Binacomputer Research IT Consultants

In 1378, Binacomputer Research Informatics Consultants was established with the aim of creating a professional and efficient set in the country’s ICT industry. The founders of the company always considered assisting customers in making the right decisions and choosing appropriate solutions in the field of ICT to be their most important mission.

This process is related to starting a business in the virtual space and providing various consultations in this field.

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Binacomputer Research IT Consultants, with a professional team of programmers, has taken steps in designing general and custom plugins and active automations on the websites of its clients. This company, considering the importance of business in the virtual space, always strives to make the path smoother for its clients.

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Check your Website!!!

Here you can find and fix the issues on your website! Binacomputer’s experts will inform you of the problems after examining your website.

This evaluation is based on your type of activity, market, and target audience. Results such as keyword strength, SEO, search engine ranking, website speed, etc. will be examined and the ways to improve them will be reported to you by Binacomputer’s experts.

Website Review Request

Website Review Request

Our portfolio includes:

Binacomputer’s years of customer trust have resulted in the design of various types of websites for online stores, businesses, medical practices, personal use, educational institutions, news outlets, and more. The entire website design process is carried out by Binacomputer from scratch to 100%, and after content provision, the website is ready for operation.

The website design process includes understanding your goals, design consultation, demonstrating an optimized website model, custom UI and UX design, various icon designs, and everything that meets your preferences and is in line with modern design trends.

Remote Work Tools and Online Classes

Easily Be more Productive and Available

Remote Work Tools

Introducing available platforms

Execution of ticketing and online support

online webstores

human resources control

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Online Learning Platforms

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Presenting features and capabilities

simultaneously and unsimultaneously

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Online Meating Plans

Monthly and custom plans

web conferences and offial meatings

24 hour support

High usage capacity

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