History  Of  Bina IT Consultants

In 1999, Binacomputer Research and Development Consultants was established with the aim of creating a professional and efficient set of services in the ICT industry in Iran. The founders of the company have always considered assisting customers in making the right decisions and choosing appropriate solutions in the field of ICT as their main mission.

We have always focused on the needs of our customers through continuous studies, research, and sensitivity to social and economic changes. By creating a suitable platform for utilizing the most experienced consultants and experts in the field of information and communication technology, we are always striving to provide the best services with the highest quality.

To achieve this goal, we first investigate the existing situation in organizations and obtain the necessary information about their mission, vision, short-term and long-term goals, as well as reviewing their current software and hardware systems. Then, we analyze and review the level of alignment of the IT department with other departments and design and implement the best solutions in the form of a comprehensive ICT plan based on that analysis.

Bina IT Consultants Vision

Our intellectual role model is to be a pioneer in the ICT industry of our country by providing the best IT and communication technology solutions in order to maintain sustainability, quality, and continuous growth.

Bina IT Consultants Mission

Our mission is to provide Information and Communication Technology solutions to organizational managers in order to improve organizational performance, create business value and competitive advantage, and reduce risk.

Bina IT Consultants Principle values

The visionary value system is based on the following beliefs: Quality: Belief in the speed of fulfilling commitments while maintaining high quality. Leadership: Striving for excellence and attaining current knowledge in the field of activity. Integration: Striving to create coherence in all parts of the organization. Collaboration: Belief in mutual benefit in work and striving to satisfy all stakeholders. Diversity: Striving to provide diverse services in the company’s field of activity. Customer Orientation: Attention to ethics, behavior, order, and honesty in dealing with customers and colleagues. Responsiveness: Adherence to commitments.

Bina IT Consultants is committed to the implementation of their projects to:

Utilizing the latest open source and dynamic technologies. Employing the newest and most appropriate optimization solutions for search engines. Providing comprehensive training on system navigation and usage through video format to the employer representative. Delivering full information on hosting and management to the employer. Providing 24/7 support seven days a week via communication channels (email, phone, mobile, SMS, and support system). Practical marketing operations training and assistance in introducing the employer’s activity in the virtual space. Offering related products and services in an integrated manner: CMS-CRM-LMS-Webinar-Mobile App-SEO. Performing a thorough analysis of the project and work processes prior to contract signing. Execution, customization, training, and complete project delivery in the shortest time and with the highest accuracy. High flexibility in meeting customer requirements. User-friendly products compliant with international standards that operate and display on all operating systems and devices (mobile, tablet, desktop).

Business license

جواز کسب

The Bina Team


David Hoorizade

هادی خانیان

Hadi Khanian
Technical Manager

جواد فیضی

Javad Feizi

مشاورین بینا

Niosha Namiranian
Executive Director / designer

شهرام آبگینه ساز

Shahram Abgine Saz
Online Shop Designer