This is a limitless connection


This has made it possible for us to communicate and make appropriate decisions regardless of geographical limitations. Wherever we are in the world, we have access to the internet, which means that we have the key to enter the world of online education and borderless communication.


for this connection no programs are needed!!!


One of the important advantages of this service is full support for the Persian language and no need to install additional applications. It is also available on all devices with any operating system such as Android and iOS, making it possible to participate in this system. Ease of use is the main feature of this system.


the online communication and education system is available both simultaneously and unsimultaneously

It should be noted that online communication and education platforms will be launched according to the necessary conditions, including required memory and hardware and the number of active users

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It should be noted that issuing a invoice will be calculated based on the type of your request and the number of system users.

The features of the online learning system include:

The features of the online learning system include:

  • Full support for the Persian language
  • The ability for participants to join using either Android or iOS without the need to install software
  • Real-time audio and video communication from anywhere in the world
  • Recording of events in HD quality with automatic compression of the final file
  • HD playback quality
  • User message publishing management capabilities
  • Advanced tools for conducting exams and surveys
  • The ability to use the Q&A mode to display user questions.

The application of online learning system


Special services of the online Learning system

online learning

Use your logo and colors to appear in the online communication system environment.

online learning

The user interface of the online Learning platform makes everything accessible

online learning

Hold all events on your own

dedicated domain.

online learning

Custom design of the login and registration page for you.

online learning

You will be guided in producing specialized content

online learning

Direct user support during online event hosting.

Bina Online Communication and Education

آموزش آنلاین
برای اجرای نسخه دمو کلیک کنید

Get acquainted with the online learning platform environment simultaneously!

First Page

When you first enter the online learning system, you will be faced with the following page.

This page represents your presence with a specific name which you will use throughout all events with this name. Below are some of the features of the online learning system that are easily accessible, including:

  • Typing capabilities in chat and using emojis
  • Microphone for negotiation and conversation
  • Webcam for video communication
  • Public and private chatting with users
  • Smart whiteboard
  • Desktop sharing
  • Conducting exams and surveys
  • User grouping capability.
آموزش آنلاین
آموزش آنلاین

Listener or Speaker

After entering the homepage, you can choose whether to only listen or have a mutual conversation. If you choose either option when entering, don’t worry about continuing the event because you can change it at any time.

Entering Main Page

The event homepage includes a presentation section (in the form of presentation files or presenter images), a public and private online conversation section, and a list of participants. In addition, in the margin of the image, the name of the event, the event recording button, and features such as using webcam and desktop are also accessible.

آموزش آنلاین
آموزش آنلاین

Software Settings

Please set the software language to Farsi in the settings and take full advantage of the Farsi language environment. Also, limit or grant necessary access to participants, such as requesting to speak, raising hand to participate, alerting new users’ entry, and using animations. Additionally, use an appropriate font size for your page.

Spendless Internet Traffic

To reduce internet data usage, you can take necessary controls. Act according to your bandwidth.

آموزش آنلاین
آموزش آنلاین

Submit Files

Upload the file you want to present, place it on the presentation page, and proceed with your presentation.

Use Webcam

To use your webcam, you need to make the necessary settings. These settings include the permission to use the webcam and adjusting the video recording quality, which can be set to HD or lower depending on your bandwidth. Choose this section according to your bandwidth.

آموزش آنلاین
آموزش آنلاین

Use the Entire page

To have better control over your presentation, make full use of the entire page with more details.

Online chit chat

You can chat online both publicly and privately with any user.

آموزش آنلاین
آموزش آنلاین

Smart White Board

On the smart and whiteboard, you can type, draw geometrical shapes, use markers and pens, and take full advantage of it.


Keyboard shortcuts help you use online learning system features more easily.

آموزش آنلاین
آموزش آنلاین

Online Learning

Pose questions and present them as single questions. Use this method to conduct exams.

Video Files

If you want to share a pre-prepared video file for viewing, simply enter it in the external video sharing section. It will be displayed.

آموزش آنلاین

The tools available on this platform to help you include:

  • Audio and video communication:

You can have audio and video communication with your participants according to the purpose of holding the online event.

  • Event recording:

Record your events and store them in the cloud.

  • Video storage space:

You will have the necessary space for storing videos.

  • Ability to use various file types:

You can use various files such as slides, videos, etc. in your event.

  • Modern whiteboard:

Share your ideas with participants through the whiteboard.

  • Desktop sharing:

Ability to share your computer desktop screen.

  • Waiting room:

Users will stay in the waiting room until the event environment is ready, and they will automatically enter after readiness.

  • Chat box:

Easily talk to your event users privately and in groups.

  • Participant list:

At any moment, view and manage the participant list.

  • No need to install software:

Participants can join your event using any device (mobile or computer).

  • Testing and polling:

Without the need for any other service, you can conduct various tests and polls inside the event environment.


We are with you step by step in holding an online educational event.


For more information and to receive implementation terms and conditions, please contact us at 02188807724!


To run the demo version, please fill out the form below:

simultaneous online conection
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It should be noted that issuing a proforma invoice will be calculated based on the type of your request and the number of system users.

Download Bina online Learning Guide

Virtual Learning LMS


In recent years, with the increase in the internet speed of home and office users, video conference systems have gradually given way to web conferencing systems. In web conferences, there is no need for expensive hardware equipment, high bandwidth, dedicated IP, and user restrictions. For this reason, virtual training systems can be used in most business meetings, seminars, online learning, etc.

Online Learning Stragedies


Different methods of implementing e-learning in organizations can include:


  • Development by in-house human resources team in the organization
  • Creating an e-learning department within the organization
  • Outsourcing as a single project
  • Targeted outsourcing partnership
  • Utilizing available external facilities

Benefits Of Online Learning

Modules executable in an asynchronous system

1) Lesson module

2) Exam module

3) Assignment module

4) Chat module

5) Forum module

6) Query module

7) Workshop module

8) Database module

9) Financial reporting module

10) SMS registration module

11) Feedback module

12) Online payment gateway module for Mellat and Melli banks

13) Discount code module

14) Bank receipt registration module

15) Content package module

16) Persian calendar module

17) Reporting module of all user activities

18) Ability to export users and all reports.

What is Asynchronous Learning

Asynchronous online learning is an active learning platform that, due to its ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and countless other advantages, has become very popular. Some of the benefits of this system include:

  • Ability to manage roles such as administrator, teacher, student, etc.
  • High flexibility with your system
  • Ease of use of the platform
  • Ability to customize the learning environment
  • Ability to design questionnaires
  • Displaying a calendar for exams and registration deadlines
  • Ability to display sample work
  • Managing access to content and setting deadlines for assignments
  • And more.

non Simultaneous Learning Usage


If you want to design a test, you have the following options available:

1- single choice

2-  multiple choice

3- free choice

4- sorting choice

5- matrix sorting

6-  fill in the blank

7- assessment

8- open answer


Progressive content


You have the ability to activate lessons for learners in a scheduled manner.


This means that your subsequent training sessions are locked and only become accessible at the appropriate time that has been predetermined.

Defining Prerequisities


Easily define prerequisites for your courses, trainings, classes, and sessions.

Trainning Results


The training and test results will be identified in the form of a report card for each user and can be monitored. In this section, you can impose constraints such as if a user scores an A on the exam, they will have access to the next course.

Issuance Of Certificate


Learners who successfully complete the course can receive a certificate of completion, which shows the respect you have for your users.

For more information and to receive the terms and conditions of implementation, please contact us at +982188807724!

Alternatively, enter your phone number so that our experts can contact you as soon as possible.

non simultaneous conection

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